Current Projects


PolyMatter – YouTube Channel – Educational Videos

PolyMatter is a YouTube channel with short educational videos on things ranging from geography to philosophy. This project began in the summer of 2015 and is still growing, with over one thousand subscribers.


Inactive Projects

Passages – iOS – $0.99

Passages was a short but memorable game about making sense of a confusing world. This iPhone game featured lines of poems, quotes and fables which were to be assembled by the player in the target time.

Speech & Debate Timer – iOS – $0.99

Speech and Debate Timer was a small app which made life easier for debaters. Rather than setting the time for each speech, the app was preloaded with the speech times for each round, making timing less stressful.

FontFlip – iOS – $0.99

FontFlip was a puzzle game about matching fonts.

Chinese New Year – iOS – Free

An informative app for the Chinese new year holiday (in english) featuring games, interactive content and other information.

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